Formed in 1999 somewhere between Bethlehem, Pa and West Orange, NJ, The Unpronounceable entertained thousands...er...at least a thousand fans with its tribute to those lost years when Elvis sang Hank Williams tunes with Black Sabbath while Duke & Satchmo called out the changes.  They called it COUNTRIFUNKED JAZZABILLY, but it’s really just what rock & roll would’ve been if it hadn’t wasted all that time on hairspray.

The members included vocalist/guitarist/upright-bassist Pete Gustavson (Jorge Beefalo), guitarist/banjoist/upright-bassist Adam Gustavson (Chip Beefalo), guitarist/upright-bassist/pianist (Chet Beefalo) and drummers Phil Guidi (Chuck Beefalo), Justin Riddle (Charlamagne Beefalo) and Matt Scheller (Chugga Chugga Choo Choo Beefalo). The Unpronounceable's entire catalog was recorded, mixed and engineered by Rob Badenoch (Butch Beefalo). Sarah Wolfe (Delilah Beefalo) managed The Unpronounceable and Mogens Music business affairs.

The Unpronounceable played its last show in the Spring of 2008 at the mythical South Bethlehem epicenter of the Lehigh Valley Music Scene: The Funhouse. If you missed them there, you can console yourself here by downloading all of the albums for free on this website and playing them on repeat on your iPod forever and always.